Company Profile

Silverburn Shipping Group have owned and operated Tugs and barges since 1994 when the company started shortly after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The company’s first charters were wood across the Baltic Sea which, together with moving bulk cargo on flat barges and the towing of vessels and difficult objects in the rivers formed the back-bone of our operations until the early part of this century.

As the company grew it continued to buy tonnage and expanded into long terms time charters such as to the builders of the Denmark – Sweden bridge project as well as arranging the movement of very large pieces including Brewery Silos, tunnelling machinery, semi assembled Oil exploration modules and various vessels and other objects transiting the Russian waterways.

High visibility operations included the towing of four 4,000 mts “Volga-max” sections for the BP semi-submersible platform now off Baku in the Shah-Deniz field and the Ersai-1 lay-barge sections through the Russian river and canal systems as well as moving one of the Russian space shuttles or “Buran” from Moscow. Since 2003 the main focus of operations has been the oil exploration in the Caspian Sea, predominately in the Kashagan field where drilling, development and production will go on until at least 2040.

The groups companies and fleet are ISM certified, audited under IFPS rules, fully insured for P+I and H+M and operate in accordance with our clients HSE, Enviromental and operational requirements. We now have fully operational offices in London, Moscow, Astrakhan and Actau.

The present business is focused on 4 main areas:

  • Time charter of tugs, barges and Ice breakers for operations in the Caspian Sea.
  • Mob and Demob of Oil service related vessels to and from the Caspian Sea.
  • Moving outsize items by barges and towing of floating units using own equipment to Caspian including Baku.
  • Voyage charter of tug / barge combinations for Caspian, River, Black Sea, Mediterranean and Baltic operations.

Further long terms business includes the towing of oil rig supply, geophysical, anchor handling vessels and semi-sub oil rigs between the Black and Baltic seas to and from the Caspian as part of the mobilisation and demobilisation of the units for the expanding oil exploration and development in the region.

We now have a fleet of 25 Tugs and 17 barges covering the requirements of our clients in these areas. The business had been widely spread over the past 10 years, however more recently the majority of operations are in, to or from the Caspian Sea due to Oil Industry demand. All tonnage is flexible and can be positioned elsewhere if our clients require it.

The company’s focus is to further develop relationships with its major clients so as to offer then a tailored service suitable to their requirements and ensuring as free a flow of information and data as possible. In this way we are able to ensure our vessels are in the right place at the right time, costs due to unnecessary waiting are reduced and prices to the clients continue to be competitive and cost effective.