Complete agent services on arrival, departure and on the whole route. Preparation and approval of documents with local authorities

Silverburn Shipping Group is knowledgeable about international shipping regulations and provides documentation management, including preparation and approval of documents with local authorities to make your shipping process easier. The company can assist with drawing up commercial invoices, packing slips, certificates of insurance, import and export licenses, bills of lading, dangerous good declarations and some other documents. Acting as a shipping agent, the company efficiently takes care of all routine tasks, ensures that all necessary supplies, crew members, and documents are arranged and coordinated with the port authorities. We will arrange the pilot and the tugs, essential provisions, fresh water, medical assistance on board, necessary repairs, collecting, transport and handling of cargo, contacts with stevedores, shippers and cargo receivers. Silverburn Shipping Group offers regular updates about activities at the port of destination, so that clients receive information on a real time basis while their cargo is in transit.