Insurance of transporting objects

Silverburn Shipping Group has an excellent reputation supplying marine insurance services with an extensive scope of coverage designed to meet its clients’ needs and interests at all times. The company’s insurance team can handle different types of claims from the very beginning to the final settlement, making sure that the best possible solution is presented to each client. Silverburn Shipping Group offers insurance of objects being transported regardless of their size and value and covers the risk of cargo loss or damage due to different perils at sea while the ship is in transit. The insurance policy covers accidental cargo loss or damage resulting from natural disasters, piracy, wars, strikes, theft, ship sinking and stranding, etc. With our professional coverage all clients of Silverburn Shipping Group can be certain that in case of some disaster, they will be spared unnecessary losses and will be reimbursed accordingly. Extensive experience in the insurance field and the best professionals assist in providing a large scope of insurance services that are bound to satisfy our clients.