Project and Complex transportation including barges, tugs, river vessels our own and chartered tonnage

Silverburn Shipping Group provides project and complex transportation and chartering using its own barges, tugs and river vessels or any chartered tonnage. We have at our disposal 11 unlimited class barges and Ro-Ro Pontoons, 13 multipurpose tugs, 2 chemical tankers and 2 accommodation vessels. The company is happy to offer moderate rates for its services, as it keeps its own supply and management department, as well as its own members of crew. We calculate the prices for project and complex transportation individually, taking into account cargo size and voyage duration. Recently the company has successfully undertaken and completed projects like Saint-Petersburg – Bautino (Sarens barges), Konstantsa – Samara (shipment of refinery equipment), Konstantsa – Ulyanovsk (windmills delivery) and Istanbul – Turkmenbashi (windmills delivery). Just take the following steps to make use of our services: send Silverburn Shipping Group details of the transportation project via e-mail, obtain an individual quote from our specialist and start your project with the company as soon as possible.