Anchor-handling tugs and sea operations support

The fleet of out company includes anchor handling tugs – vessels of Anchor-Handling Tug (AHT) tug type, used for operation with anchors (handle, retrieval and relocation). Besides, anchor handling tugs owned by us can be used for towing of lighter ships, drilling and other vessels relating to the technical fleet.

Silverburn Shipping Group plays a role of a subcontractor in works aimed at support and development of the oil sector on North Caspian shelf. The company has the status of an international operator of the barge-tug fleet, as well as the fleet for support of marine operations. We render a package of services on behalf of it – provide and support sea, drilling and surveillance operations connected to oil recovery, perform towing, transport oversize cargoes, develop logistic schemes, accommodate drilling platform employees in the floating hotels, deal with other tasks.