High performance Services
Time or voyage chartering of our fleet of 25+ versatile units

Silverburn Shipping Group can arrange either time or voyage charters to various ports of destination depending on its clients’ requirements. The company possesses an extensive fleet of more than 25 versatile units including unlimited class barges, Ro-Ro Pontoons, multipurpose tugs, chemical tankers and accommodation vessels. Silverburn Shipping Group can assist with transporting vehicles, containers, break bulk, bulk, neo-bulk, project and heavy lift cargo. Its skilled teams have considerable experience and profound knowledge of maritime transportation, so Silverburn Shipping Group can always provide an ideal vessel for any cargo together with full equipment and a professional crew.  The company’s skilled staff and supervisors work round the clock and offer careful planning, consultations and guidance; they also ensure safe transportation by monitoring loading, shipment and discharging of the cargo. Silverburn Shipping Group aims to keep up with the times and offers only top-of-the-line conditions, reasonable freight rates and the best creative solutions to fulfill the needs of its charterers.

Towages of all kinds through the Euro-asian waterways and sea towages

Silverburn Shipping Group is a leading shipowner that has an admirable service record in long-distance and short-distance towage operations in different parts of the world. The company is equipped with powerful maneuverable river and seagoing tugs to handle various kinds of towages, including towages through the Euro-asian waterways and seas. The Silverburn Shipping Group’s vessels are operated in compliance with the highest standards of quality, safety, and health; and the company strives to adjust its towage solutions to the specific requirements of each and every client. The towage services provided by the company consist of transporting all kinds of marine vessels, offshore equipment, floating cranes, and heavy-lift barges; assisting other vessels and salvaging. According to specific requirements Silverburn Shipping Group’s teams of experts can work under extreme conditions, always offer useful advice, engage adequate leading or assisting tugboats, arrange port agents and deal with compliance issues in ports. Reliability and safety are among the company’s priorities, so it can be trusted to do the job well.

Heavy lift and outsize cargo transportation on our own barges and cargo vessels

Silverburn Shipping Group has wealth of experience transporting bulky and oversized cargo, such as construction equipment, special-purpose machinery, generators, compressors, turbines, and oil rigs. For that particular purpose the company uses its own barges, crane vessels, lighters, cargo and heavy lift vessels. Silverburn Shipping Group supervises each shipment at all stages, takes care of loading and unloading, using specialized equipment like gantry cranes, derricks, etc. to lift heavy cargo onboard the ship. The company’s experts focus on the clients’ needs and render various services related to the heavy lift cargo transportation, namely: stevedoring and survey services, gang men, ladder and gangway watch security at port, and firefighting equipment checking. The transportation of extraordinary, heavy lift and precious cargo is always performed with maximum care and on time owing to flexible and reliable logistics solutions. Silverburn Shipping Group makes every effort to satisfy its clients and offers the best rates, conditions and services.

Ship management

Silverburn Shipping Group is one of the worldwide leading companies that renders an extensive range of ship management services for seagoing and river-sea vessels, such as technical support and maintenance; ship operating; ship agent services; crew management; supplying spare parts, provisions and technical stores; and accounting.

The company operates all available ships as safely and efficiently as possible, and its dedicated specialists make sure they supervise and control maintenance and daily running of vessels in compliance with today’s requirements and regulations. Silverburn Shipping Group uses up-to-date software to cover various aspects of vessel management and provide financial, technical and operational information in a suitable and manageable form. Special technical supervisors are responsible for overseeing ships’ operation and performance; they also conduct condition assessments at regular intervals. The goal of the company is to ensure that its clients always receive high-quality and reliable services, so it employs only the best, most qualified and motivated seafarers, whose skills are regularly advanced and updated.

Insurance of transporting objects

Silverburn Shipping Group has an excellent reputation supplying marine insurance services with an extensive scope of coverage designed to meet its clients’ needs and interests at all times. The company’s insurance team can handle different types of claims from the very beginning to the final settlement, making sure that the best possible solution is presented to each client. Silverburn Shipping Group offers insurance of objects being transported regardless of their size and value and covers the risk of cargo loss or damage due to different perils at sea while the ship is in transit. The insurance policy covers accidental cargo loss or damage resulting from natural disasters, piracy, wars, strikes, theft, ship sinking and stranding, etc. With our professional coverage all clients of Silverburn Shipping Group can be certain that in case of some disaster, they will be spared unnecessary losses and will be reimbursed accordingly. Extensive experience in the insurance field and the best professionals assist in providing a large scope of insurance services that are bound to satisfy our clients.

Project and Complex transportation including barges, tugs, river vessels our own and chartered tonnage

Silverburn Shipping Group provides project and complex transportation and chartering using its own barges, tugs and river vessels or any chartered tonnage. We have at our disposal 11 unlimited class barges and Ro-Ro Pontoons, 13 multipurpose tugs, 2 chemical tankers and 2 accommodation vessels. The company is happy to offer moderate rates for its services, as it keeps its own supply and management department, as well as its own members of crew. We calculate the prices for project and complex transportation individually, taking into account cargo size and voyage duration. Recently the company has successfully undertaken and completed projects like Saint-Petersburg – Bautino (Sarens barges), Konstantsa – Samara (shipment of refinery equipment), Konstantsa – Ulyanovsk (windmills delivery) and Istanbul – Turkmenbashi (windmills delivery). Just take the following steps to make use of our services: send Silverburn Shipping Group details of the transportation project via e-mail, obtain an individual quote from our specialist and start your project with the company as soon as possible.

Shipping and supply service management, technical, commercial and crew management of vessels and oil field support

The team of Silverburn Shipping Group offers a large range of solutions for all kinds of ship segments and provides comprehensive shipping and supply service management, with focus on safety, reliability and quality. All this has become possible due to sustainable relationships and good connections with various maritime partners like shipyards, fellow companies, charterers, agents, ship brokers, suppliers, and stevedores. Furthermore, Silverburn Shipping Group places extra emphasis on safety, health and environment protection, which requires compliance with ISM and ISPS Codes, ISO Standards and National Regulations. Silverburn Shipping Group presents technical, commercial and crew management, as well as on ATHS and oil field support. At the moment the company is carrying out 7 long-term oil field projects. Silverburn Shipping Group aims to maintain its tradition and reputation as a maritime industry leader that supplies only high-quality professional services to its clients worldwide.

Complete agent services on arrival, departure and on the whole route. Preparation and approval of documents with local authorities

Silverburn Shipping Group is knowledgeable about international shipping regulations and provides documentation management, including preparation and approval of documents with local authorities to make your shipping process easier. The company can assist with drawing up commercial invoices, packing slips, certificates of insurance, import and export licenses, bills of lading, dangerous good declarations and some other documents. Acting as a shipping agent, the company efficiently takes care of all routine tasks, ensures that all necessary supplies, crew members, and documents are arranged and coordinated with the port authorities. We will arrange the pilot and the tugs, essential provisions, fresh water, medical assistance on board, necessary repairs, collecting, transport and handling of cargo, contacts with stevedores, shippers and cargo receivers. Silverburn Shipping Group offers regular updates about activities at the port of destination, so that clients receive information on a real time basis while their cargo is in transit.