The core of Silverburn Shipping Group is Tugs & Barges. Among these vessels there are more than 10 barges designed for transportation of heavy and oversize cargoes.
Owned by us Barges, including tanker barges, chemical carriers and RO-RO pontoons, were built in different years in the frames of 16801, 16802, GRPN.360 projects, etc. They differ from each other in deck loads, draught, dimensions and other characteristics, It allows us to solve a wide range of tasks in transportation of various cargoes.

Anchor handling tug supply vessel which are in our fleet of our Company are built in the frames of KPT2500-1C PUSHER TUG, 1741AM, N-3290/91 projects, etc. When operating these vessels we perform sea and river vessel towing of various types – planned, intra- and interportal, emergency towing. In addition, it is possible to tow large size vessels during their manoeuvring in small water areas. Before the intended use of our tugs there are preliminary arrangements made – the vessels get necessary equipment, deck appliances and structures are mounted, other measures are taken.