Affreightment and fleet management

Performing the affreightment of the fleet and tonnage we charter the vessels with a crew or without, book space on the vessels for the further cargo transportation along sea or river routes. Affreightment agreement provide all the important conditions – type and volume of the transported cargo, load and unload ports, freight charge, transportation deadline, etc.

Having our own fleet, including more than 30 vessels, Silverburn Shipping Group performs its complex management. In the frames of this activity we service and repair vessels, provide their compliance with SMS requirements, supply them with all the necessary goods, make reports on their technical condition, perform staff management (recruit personnel, estimate and upgrade their qualification, deal with certification procedures, perform other activities).

Silverburn Shipping Group has all the licenses, permits, necessary for the complete fleet management and pursuit of activities connected to cargo transportation, towing and drilling platform service. They include CCD, SMS, ISPS, ISM licenses for cargo transportation by sea vessels, transportation of hazardous cargoes and towing.