BreakBulk-2018 ParticipationSilverburn Shipping Group took participation at BreakBulk-2018!

Silverburn was among other 543 exhibitors at BreakBulk-2018, that is one of the most authoritative international forums in project cargo transportation market.

Breakbulk-2018 was held in Bremen, Germany and this was not the first time for Silverburn taking part in it.


As always, the atmosphere at BreakBulk contributed not only to establishing new business contacts, also to foster trusting relationships with existing partners. One of our partners – companies Morwenna and the Caspiy Ak Jhelken have also involved their specialist teams for communication with daily visitors at the event. The exhibition was full of fascinating stands and unusual solutions to attract visitors. The highlight of Silverburn’s stand was a 16-bit gaming machine “ShipRunner”, developed and designed spicially for BreakBulk exhibition.

BreakBulk-2018 Participation


BreakBulk-2018 Participation


BreakBulk-2018 ParticipationBreakBulk-2018 Participation

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