Silverburn delivers 3rd Accommodation unit to the Kashagan ProjectThe 3rd vessel of the same class  the “T.G.Shevchenko”has been chartered by Saipem to provide accommodation at Island-D



Following the deployment in 2010 of the “Yuriy Andropov” and her sister vessel the “Gleb Krizhizhanovsky”

Considering various options this unit was chosen as it gave the Silverburn Group (SSG) the opportunity to purchase and make more modifications as a longer term investment. After 4-5 months in the shipyard she has completed fitting out to the highest standard in accordance with our clients needs and requirements. This work included a complete overhaul of the accommodation, fitting 3 large modern Fresh Water Makers, a state of the art Incinerator, a large folding knuckle boom crane and numerous other details such as TV’s in each cabin, personal safes, larger bunks, gymnasiums, Internet cafe’s etc. to provide comfortable and relaxing facilities for the 450 persons resident on the vessel when offshore.

Whilst all the units are self powered and the engines maintained in working order during their stay at Island-D they are classed as “unpowered Accommodation Barges”. All three vessels are Ice Classed (as you can see on the right!).

The Yuriy Andropov and Gleb Krzhizhanovsky have already proved to be reliable and comfortable vessels for the personnel on board all year round, especially in severe winter time conditions at Island-D.

Silverburn challanges very shallow draft in the Ural River

Our Ultra shallow draft tug “Musson” with 740 HP and maximum draft of 1.5 m has recently been fixed for operations in the Ural river. With long years of experience in the River/Canal System gateway from North and South Europe into the Caspian Sea, Silverburn is now providing one of the best options for increasing the safety of towing heavy-lift barges in the Ural. The port of Atyrau is under development and future investments are foreseen for growth nevertheless shallow draft is one very big obstacle and the ‘Musson’ provides a reliable and safe option.

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