Silverburn lays the First Keel of our new design Ice Class AHTS for the Fleet

Silverburn has been developing plans for a new class of very shallow draft AHTS vessels working down to 2.5 meters operating draft



Like all new concepts this has taken time and had to be fitted into the programmes of our senior managers and engineers so as to cause the least disruption to current work but not allowing the project to be delayed.

Drawing on 15 years operation and centuries of combined staff experience in rivers, shallow water and Ice conditions as well as working closely with our Naval Architects we believe we have delivered a remarkably cost effective unit for shallow draft work in Ice environments whilst giving the optimum load capacity so, as the saying goes “getting more bang for your bucks”.

To ensure the best Ice capability we had a 10th scale model fully tank tested in Ice conditions at Akers state of the art facility in Helsinki allowed us to refine the hull form, propeller, rudder and Bow thruster arrangements. For this vessel the Ice class will be 1A however the hull test performances are such that and increase to 1A super or full Ice Breaker specifications would not materially change form or layout.

The vessel will have sufficient tank space for around 900 cbm of liquids of which 575 cbm is fuel and the balance FW and sewage, She is also equipped with large capacity FW makers, accommodation for 20 POB (8 crew + 12 passengers), 165 ton/meter crane, double drum waterfall winch, deck space for 2 joints of drill pipe on deck and a number of other features to enhance capability offshore.

Having a full design in hand allowed us to go to yards and discuss a build confident in the design and placed an order with Sefine Yard in Turkey in August of this year. Delivery is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2012.

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