Jack-up sections keep the new RoRo vessels busy & 2 OT Tugs join the fleetIn late 2012 our new RoRo barges Ark 13, 14 and 15 were delivered in Rotterdam

At this time we intended them to carry heavy equipment  from Germany however due to a change of plan we were able to book  them for a more unusual contract to carry sections of a jack-up oil rig from Rotterdam to Baku where it would be reassembled for charter in the Caspian. The  barges were positioned together underneath the rig which was then jacked down onto them and cut into 3 sections with the overhanging parts and the legs subsequently loaded onto LoLo barges. The 3 barges arrived in Baku last summer and then waited the arrival of the other parts. The Rig is expected to be ready for use  in mid 2014.


On a recent visit to Scotland when driving back via heavy rain and carefully avoiding  flocks of wild Haggis running across the road we saw the sign on the left. The local council must already have known we had bought the 2 vessels above so bringing the fleet to exactly 40!

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