Silverburn takes delivery of new tonnageFollowing our Companies policy to renew the fleet, Silverburn purchased two additional new barges from Damen in Holland. The barges were immediately loaded on a Jumbo heavy lift ship in Rotterdam vessel for the journey north. These are identical to the 3 built by Damen in 2012 for us. Now having 5 in our fleet leaves us well prepared as we look to the future when our work horses, the 16801 barges, finally come to the end of their lives.

Lastly, but not least, as part of our ongoing commitment to the delivery of oversize overweight equipment to and from the Caspian Sea we recently completed the movement of very large crane sections from Varna, Bulgaria to Baku, Azerbajan. For this we used one of our Stan 8916 pontoons. She was positioned on time to allow all preparations for loading by the client and we then towed her to the Caspian. This Barge with valuable crane parts arrived safely to Baku within 3 weeks to our clients great satisfaction.

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